Friday, 12 April 2013

Snow in April?

So, I think it's fair to say it has been a strange start to the year. Not great for runners, or riders. It has either been wet, or if it has been dry, it has been freezing beyond being fun... but we felt sure that come the beginning of April, our first London to Paris would be fine! Warmth would surely break through those winter clouds, and we would have a sunny and pleasant pedal to Paris... How wrong could we be?

Standing shivering in Dover Harbour, awaiting boarding the ferry, I wondered how we had got so unlucky with the weather. I also wondered whether I would ever be warm again. But on the plus side, at least the roads were dry. Small compensation for numb fingers and ice filled bones :-)

The French side faired little better riding along the Cote Opale. I could barely raise much enthusiasm for the beautiful rolling ride across Cap Griz Nez and Cap Blanc Nez, in fact it really took until the final morning pushing off from Beauvais, until we all felt some warmth return. Approaching the River Seine just after Pontoise, the mercury just nudged ten degrees.... for a matter of minutes. But that combined with a few rays of sunshine was enough to lift the spirits.

Thankfully, like all successful challengers, the team from Jubilee Halls, were troopers. Despite the temperature, they never once let their spirits drop. Smiles and determination won the day, and as you can see, on arrival at the Eiffel Tower, the team let out one almighty cheer (well several actually).

And of course... once the bikes were safely stowed at the hotel. The team celebrated with celery juice and oatcakes (ahem!) ... in time honoured fashion, the afterglow of a fantastic 280 miles of riding gave the team all the energy they needed to get fully stuck in to Paris' best hospitality... culminating with some fairly surreal dancing antics in a Student Venue beside the canal... look out Strictly!

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