Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Xmas Holidays and Getting Out There

Hi everyone, hope you're all well and looking forward to the annual Xmas holiday. If you're like me and have young children you're probably in the middle of intense preparations for the big day and looking forward to seeing through a magical few days of family time (well most of the time).

This time of year, for me, also is significant in that the holiday period opens up opportunities to get in a few days of serious walking and running and maybe even a bike ride (if I can find my thermal base layer). With the current arctic conditions, there has never been a better time to get wrapped up and enjoy the wintery landscape. Down here in the South West and I’m sure like most other parts of the UK, it’s very rare for us to be on the receiving end of a good dumping of snow – high moorland excluded. And so I’m already working out the ridges and peaks in my head that we as a family and/or a couple of mates can hit before the big thaw comes and we’re back to the standard UK winter of wind, rain and mud – sorry for reminding you.

So I guess this is all about seizing the moment and making the most of situation and turning it around to your advantage. With current conditions that have not been seen in certain parts of the country for a generation this is surely a rare chance to do just that. If you need more convincing and a little more motivating then have a look at these amazing photos taken while on winter walks by some of he team here at Adventure Cafe on the Adventure Cafe flickr pages.

Have a terrific Xmas break and don’t forget over this period of celebration to raise a glass to the great outdoors -Cheers!

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