Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Spring is in the air.... Time for adventure!

So the weather has finally taken a turn for the better, and I'm pleased to report that we have made a positive start! Jason has taken to the hills on his new Saracen mountain bike, Kirsty is looking forward to our team meeting in the caves beneath the Mendip Hills! And I am busily getting excited about where the summer will take me on adventures new.

But if ever there was a time for seizing the moment and feeling energised by the world, it is the spring! A time surely of new possibilities, for imagining the possibilities that lie ahead for the summer, and a time to embrace a world which, contrary to popular media is actually full of wonder and endless awesome experiences.

Although we tend to spend most of our time thinking about and doing physical challenges, in fact our view of the world does roam slightly wider, and our deep down philosophy at Adventure Cafe is more tuned towards simply 'getting stuck in'. We are passionate about getting passionate. In whatever area you may be interested, get amongst it. Knighted, gardeners, diy-ers, motor bikers, gymnasts, painters, bird spotters, and even outdoors adventure freaks! all of us, lets look forward to the summer, let's plan our conquests for the forthcoming season, don't miss the boat, just get in there, and let's get it started! Richard.

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