Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Las Sierras of Anadulcia.... mmmmm

 Las Sierras of Andalucia

So - not so much need to waffle on here today. We returned yesterday from a sublime ride in Southern Spain - from just north of Malaga - in an arc heading amongst epic mountainscapes, and beneath blue skies (mainly!) to reach Granada and the Sierra Nevada.

Lone Rider tackling a perfect and quiet climb through the mountains

Of course the roads were smooth. Of course, the sky was blue. Oh, but of course the climbs were tough, and the descents were winding and rollercoaster like. What we don't always consider when we head off to the continent is the whole wonder package that comes with the experience.

The Climb to Boquete de Zaffaraya steepens a touch

The tiny bar on night 1, where we treated ourselves to a small beer, and the old fellas were going in hard on the dominoes. The waiter who directed us to sit in front of the welcoming open fire at lunch on a cold winters day. And the impecable dinner in the old city of Granada at the Agua Restaurant, only reachable by windy narrow cobbled staircases. All in all it is this wonderful combination of rich experiences that keeps us, year after year, coming back for more. 

Wide open switchbacks... and dry smooth roads

Its the way that the team are buzzing each evening after we pack the bikes, get showered and reconvene in the bar for a small but perfectly formed Estrella :-) "What a day!" , "Amazing roads..." "So looking forward to dinner" "What a fantasic landscape to ride through".... the feel good factor is palpable....

Dave continues up the 700m ascent - first thing after breakfast :-)

For one rider its the descent down towards the Embalse de los Bermejales, for another its the wild combination of olive groves and the scent of fresh pine trees, and for another its the incredible melee of an annual carnival that we meet head on in the village of Alhama de Granada. For me - there's no doubt, the moment of the ride is the amazing notch through the mountains that issues into the incredible descent of the Boquete del Zaffaraya... breathtaking, and beautifully fast.... 

Stretching the legs halfway up the climb....

The pics here are our first batch... more to follow soon.... Adventure Cafe rides on :-) 

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